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Child labour

         Child labor is a serious phenomenon in Morocco. Child labor means to make children work at an early age. Many parents still believe that sending their children to work ensures a good future for them, but it s the opposite. So, what are the causes and the consequences effects of working children?

    There are many causes why parents send their children to work at an early age. First, some families are poor and don’t have enough money to educate their children. Second, there is absence of reason and consciousness because of illiteracy. Third, some children leave school to help their parents. In addition, families which send their children to work misunderstand the role of education in the life of their children. Bad friends are another cause of leaving school: the students imitate each other and don’t know the effects of their action. Moreover, drugs addiction is proved to affect the students negatively.

     All these causes lead to many negative effects. For example, the students who leave school early become adult illiterate. So, they become jobless because they don’t have any certificate. In the future, they regret because they left school. Moreover, they lead bad and unsuccessful life. They become failure. Furthermore, they contribute negatively to the development of their countries. So they are a burden on society and they are excluded from social life. Those students turn into bad citizens.

     However, there are some solutions to fight this phenomenon. First, education must be obligatory until the age of 18. The students should learn and study till they get Bac certificate. Second, people who use children should be punished. The state must improve the social and economic situation of poor people.

     Finally, we should participate to fighting of this phenomenon in cooperation with the state and all interested people as teachers and administrations.


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